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Machine Gun Preacher

So i just finished watching a movie and doing a lot of research on a man called "Sam Childers".
The following Blog-Post are only some of my thoughts and maybe critic. But i want to encourage you - if you are interested - to check out all the Infos attached here in this post.

I had no idea what i was about to watch when i started the movie staring Gerard Butler and the lovely Michelle Monaghan - who i like very much. I saw the actors on the cover and it looked like the genre i was wanting to watch that night.

"Machine Gun Preacher" - tells the story of how Sam Childers went from Drug abuse/use and criminal to a God fearing orphanage building minister in Southern-Sudan.
Coming from a christian background myself i had a critical view on the whole story - and watching all the interviews on youtube (also the one below) i'm still not 100% convinced that the religion or the christianity Sam Childers believes in is actually the right thing.

Quotes from the Interview like:

"I used to have the nickname Savage - now i am called Machine Gun Preacher"

"I have "Machine Gun Preacher" tattooed on my arm"

really let me doubt on what his real intentions are with his ministry. But there is certainly one thing there is no doubt about. Sam is helping hundreds of children in Africa.

Ah! and the Part of minute 13:50 i will just simply let uncommented - from one Machine Gun Preacher to another. (?!?!!!)

Sorry but for me God does not want ANY kind of violence - and therefore i do not approve of Sam Childers killing people in the name of God.

i find the appearance of his Homepage very interesting/professional. At first i though probably there must be a "one pager" website somewhere.
Turns out that there is a whole "Machine Gun Preacher" Ministry going on with WEBSHOP/High-Def pics and a really well made Homepage! Funny though it doesn't say anywhere in the donation section how far they are with building f.i. the well which costs 6500 Dollars. 

GUYS! If you want to get money from people for your ministry - LAY OPEN YOUR COSTS!! 
that way you won't have sneaky little bloggers like me questioning everything you do.

Last but not least i have the feeling that the whole thing is good for a lot of children in Africa and therefore i donated to the ministry of Sam Childers and i pray that it comes to a good use.

Here is some more Information:

Sam Childers Wikipedia  HERE
Sam Childers Website HERE
Some more Interviews:
Here, Here and HERE a sermon from Sam.

(I'm leaving all these links uncommented - see for yourself)


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