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Leslie Hall - long time no post

So back in the days when i started this blog - i think it was something like 2007 or 2008 - me and my friends came upon Leslie Hall.
Back then it was not possible to order her Music or download it ( i know right?!?!). 
So Christl, Tabi and me streamed her music via Youtube (thats how we came upon her cause her video for the single "HOW WE GO OUT" was MOST VIEWED back then)  while we drank Whiskey-Coke every evening. 
There is not much to do in that small town of ours - nothing ever happens.

The Gem-Sweater wearing(and collecting) artist from the Mid-West of the USA was our so called "daily bread". And i am sure i featured her not only once on this Blog.
I guess my absolut goal in life would be to see her perform live (duh! not really - but i would be happy about it)

"Leslie Hall first became an internet sensation when she uploaded pictures of her gem sweater collection online. 
After quickly attracting over 2 million hits, she was left with an $800 bill for exceeding bandwidth. 
In order to pay back her mother, Leslie did what any 200 lb plus Iowan girl would do, she became a lady rapper. 
Since then, Hall has toured relentlessly with Leslie and the LY's, self-released 5 full-length albums, and produced such viral video hits as Gold Pants, Zombie Killer, How We Go Out, Blame the 
Booty, and Tight Pants/Body Rolls. The band's ever-evolving live show features elaborate props, flashy costumes, and Las Vegas  wstyle production at Midwest prices. You will squeal with delight when Leslie tumbles and triumphs across the stage."

So i checked our her homepage - the first time in probably a year! And see there! A NEW ALBUM is coming out soooon!!! #cantwait

current single: NO PANTS POLICY #GRAND!


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Daniel Efosa Uyi

Hello meen, I've been following your blog for almost 6 months now without leaving any comment so I decided to quickly say hi today, just so you know you've got a fan somewhere. LOL. Your blog makes sense to me just like, another similarly interesting blog that I'm also a fan of.

Keep it up.


Hey Daniel !
thank you so much! ill be sure to check our yours as well!!
hugs from vienna!



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