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Halloween 2013

There is something i have to say first off before i start this Blog Post.
I really really really never ever liked halloween! 


So when i heard all the chitchat starting on what costume who would wear and that everyone had the BEST one - i really couldn't care less.
Also - i am not so fond of all the witchcraft and magic going on. I believe in that shit yes so shut up ;)

It all started when i decided what party to attend this year - i am sorry i can't tell you because its a "we don't talk about it otherwise weirdos will come and ruin it for us" party - because the theme was a brilliant one (as always at this party) "Begegnunszone der lebenden toten" - this theme makes sense when you speak german and live in vienna. Otherwise it doesn't.

I love dressing up.
fuck the theme i did Amy Winhouse (R.I.P. love you!)

So it was set. Me and my BFFs Hannah and Mariella - Mariella was a bit of a party pooper and didn't dress up #badmariella - met up at Hannahs place to dress up and... uhm... well drink :)

Hannah AKA Chucky the doll did an amazing Hair&Make-up job on me and on her!
And REALLY i have to say i have the most amazing Friends and people around me when it comes to going out and dressing up! SUCH GREAT COSTUMES!! AMAZING!!!

I think for me the WINNER of the evening was Dalia dressed up as SISTER MARY CLARANCE - i literally had to cry of laughter when she came up to me on the dancefloor and waved her hands in the air and sag "Hallelujah" - CRACKED UP!

here are some pics of the best halloween i EVER had!
(pics are courtesy of Mariella, Hannah, Daniel Gottschling and Chirstopher Rumpf)

Paul aka jesse pinkman

Chucky & Amy

Amy & fakeboob slip
Kemi & Dalia

Chucky & 13a



Dead Alice in Wonderland & Dead Amy & Christopher (i forgot what exactly he was dressed up as... hummm...)

Pato & Alex soooo lovely!

Sophie! (HOW DID YOU GET THOSE HORNES INTO YOUR HAIR?!?!?) & somerandomguyidontknow & Marius

Andy (Hare Krishna run over by a car)

They call her the wild rose ROMANA 

This is the part where i am happy Mr. Gottschling is taking pics - cause i totally forgot that YOAN was there toooo!!

Marcel came in like a wrecking ball 



And the prize for "BEST DRESSED COUPLE COSTUME" goes to my friends Magdalena Adriane and her lovely handsome boyfriend Max!
As Gomez Alonzo Lupold Addams and Morticia A. Addams

Yalda as Wednesday Addams and Kathi as dead Alice in Wonderland
When it comes to cake-baking Kathi is quite the exception  and there is nothing - really nothing - she wouldn't left untried to bake the BEST most crazy cake there is.
It was Yaldas Birthday and this is what she came up with. Grand!

Elisabeth from Running Mermaids - great job!

Verena 6schnitzel bogner


The next day - Post Beehive Hair.



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