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Frida Hyvönen live at the Odeon Theatre in Vienna.

It should become an evening to remember at the WAVES FESTIVAL VIENNA when me and my friend  Christopher entered the facilities of the ODEON theater in Vienna.

Almost one hour earlier then planed we made our way up the stairs. 
We wondered why there was music coming from the stage - until we noticed the band prior to (our) main act was playing.

Magic Arm is Marc Rigelsford from Manchester has the classic sound tinkerer syndrome: he creates his music all by himself – he plays all the instruments and puts them together on his laptop. 
It surely was a "one-man-show". And still he managed it to catch the attention of the audience.

Check out his facebook:

It was as great start for a wonderful evening. 
You have to know that i have been listening to Frida Hyvönen since about 2008. Back in the days i used to work at a retail store in vienna who pledged allegiance to "fair production made in the USA" - whatever that means.
So one day i went on my lunch-break and decided i have to buy CDs again - because no one every takes the time to buy them! 

I love the feeling on going into a record store and looking around for hours and listening to whats new. Can you remember the last time you went into a store like that and actually asked the employees there "Hey, do you have any recommendations for me?" and the would ask you what genre you like and stuff?!?! - LOVE IT!

So after talking to my colleague and now good friend Joli - who told me about this new singer from sweden - off i went to "Substance" a really cool store in Vienna on the Westbahnstraße.

Wolf, the guy that works there, always knows whats top of the pops right now. So his hotness pulled out 3 CDs (which i all bought) and one of them was Fridas.

I fell in love with the album and have been following her career ever since. It took 5 years and 3 Albums for her to finally come to vienna (no blame said!).
And i was a bit nervous (i know right?? MB never gets nervous!).

As she entered in her colorful clone-dress specially made for her (from silk as we would hear later on). she placed her little girlbag on the black piano and "unpacked" it. An Apple, water and i believe it was a mirror took her side at the piano. from all the items the apple was the most surprising for me.

When i listen to Fridas music i always thought of her to be a very introverted person who would be kind of shy. But nothing of that sort would be the case.
Joking around with a rather broad knowledge of german vocabular she brought the audience to laugh. and in my case even cry a bit.

What i like about her music -besides her grand voice and the magnificent
 piano skills- are the stories she tells with her lyrics.
Playing mostly songs from her new Album she finished with my (and obviously her) favorite piece "Dirty Dancing" a song that is very dear to my heart and helped me through some difficulties in life.

I could go on and on about her but here are the impressions of a concert i will not forget.

Fridas Homepage:

Fridas Facebook-page:

After the concert i was able to talk to Frida a bit, we had been writing on facebook for a bit concerning stage outfits. She was so kind and gave me a CD as present! so nice of her :)



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