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The night from the 29th on the 30th of september is to me what "new years eve" is for a lot of people.

I normally go out and buy a bottle of wine before the shops close. Go home and get out my notepad and think about what happened the last year.

  • What did i do wrong
  • What did i do right
  • What can i do different or better next year
  • What should i do more often
  • What was the best and worst thing in my last year
  • Who of the people i surround myself with are good and who are bad.

I find the idea quite nice of treating your birthday as the actual "new years eve"

I would like to say that i am not really into birthdays - and i really tried every year so far to keep birthday events to a minimum - but this year i told myself:

"You can not pretend as if you would only have 5 friends, be happy for the people who are dear to you and be thankful that their number is great and getting bigger every year"

The clock hit 00:01 a.m. and i had to turn my phone to "mute" because so many text messages/ Facebook messages and tweets where coming in. Now i say this not to boost with my popularity! 

I want to say that it really touched me (everyone who attended any my (fabulous) birthday party knows that i get really emotional on that day. And i am not ashamed of it.

I guess what i am trying to say is that i am so thankful to have people in my life who support and love me not only in Austrian and around me but also all my friends in the states, asia, new zealand, rest of europe.

At some point we where listening to songs from the 90s mixed with disney intros and theme songs (thank you Paul for that) and i got online (i admit pretty drunk) and posted the following Status (I managed to type this a) on my weird phone and b) without typos! #hollaforme!)

When viewing the pictures please listen to this song ;)

Lovely Sabina and me

Thank you Anna Spanlang for the great cake!!!

lovely friend Madeleine ( and Hans-Peter having serious talks on my bed with Oreo Cupcakes :)

me, Martin, (my love) Julia, Matthias and Olivia 

Thats why i love my appartment! I found sparklers in my closet :)

Hans-Peter, Marcel, Florian, Paul, Andi, Hannah, Moi 

Hans-Peter + Florian 

Mr. DJ Paul and totoroOnsie Me 

Isn't Florian just the cutest thing you ever seen #bubububu 

love my boyzzz 


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