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i got to know Arthur - the energetic austrian fashion designer - last year together with Julia at the CAPSULE Tradeshow during Paris fashionweek.
He was part of an italian showroom exhibiting there. They were all really unfriendly (except at the last day, i guess it was a cultural thing - i don't do cultural things) thats why it took a bit till Arthur -always being a bit shy- had the courage to walk over and talk to me.

But the reason was another -he had seen pictures of me and his great friends Stefanie Herkner (she owns this fabulous little austrian restaurant which i will tell you more about next week! Gosh i have so many unpublished blogposts waiting for your).
Anyhow - being Stefanis friend it came natural that we would be bffs from the start. Julia and i were so glad that we had him to chitchat with - for anyone amoung you who exhibited at a Trade-show you know why, it cant get boring!

So as he showed me his collection i was fascinated by the clear lines and knits! I actually descided back then already to do this Interview but well... it took me half a year and Italian Vogue announcing him "best new talent" for me to finally contact him for this Interview.


When did you decide to work in fashion? Did you decide?

it was all very natural...somehow i never thought about it, there was just no other option!

What was your motivation to leave Armani and start you own Label? i had 7 and a half amazing years there, learning directly from a master that made fashion history. but after i turned 30 i realized i was ready to leave the comfy corporate life and try it on my own. i knew: now or never.

Do you think it is crucial in our industry to go from one intership to the next? internships are the easiest way to make as many contacts as possible! they are perfect to observe, learn and work without having too many responsibilities!...but it doesnt mean that you have to do endless internships.

If you could -what would you change about it (the industry) i woud love buyers to be a bit more daring: so young labels don't have to fight too long to survive and get orders sooner.

What does fashion mean to you? its what makes my brain work and it never bores me!

If you could choose any other profession what would it be? i guess i would be a florist and have a small flower-shop...very butch!:-)

Vienna is? where my heart is and my home! i think its the best city in the world and i'm an extremely proud viennese!

Milan is?
also home..its a weird and complicated city, sometimes also very superficial! but somehow i love it and its absolutely where i want be and work right now!

What is you message to younger designers/Students? i just figured out that one of the most important things in fashion is PATIENCE!!! it's a really tough business so you must love it and never give up! and never underestimate friends...they are everything!

One thing you will never every do again in your life?
i will never ever work in a call center when i was a student in london and i had to call households in germany to ask them if they have a lexmark or HP printer..PURE hell!

Thank you so much for your time and i am sure we will all be hearing from you soon again!
Looking forward to that!


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