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Labstelle - it's all about detail

Some weeks ago a dear friend of mine contacted me and told me about a project he and his lovely boyfriend started. 
To be honest - and to give more credit to them - its more then simply a project!

On june 17th 2013 Thomas Hahn opened the doors of his first restaurant in the heart of viennas beautiful first district. Lugeck.
A restaurant devoted to quality and commitment to local products.

Openly speaking i was quite skeptical when i heard about the concept for the first time. 
Because there are many restaurants who advertise with local products and organic goods but none of them have the taste or the looks to justify the price their charging.

They Have it all.

I was warmly welcomed by Gerald who showed me around the restaurant. 
Impressed by how much detail they put into this place we smoked a cigarette and talked about everything that came to our minds concerning the restaurant and that we hadn't spoken in quite a while. 

 Starting from the flowers in the bar to the soap dispensers in the toilets. All kept in a beautiful minimalistic design.

One of the first questions asked as "How long did it take you to prepare all of this" frankly the answer of about one and a half years was quite to my surprise.

So the following was - "when can i eat! I am starving!"

Sadly i was way too early! 
The kitchen opens at 5:30 p.m. -back then- and it was not even open yet. 
So we wondered into the courtyard - beautiful setting! A lot of light! Modern architecture surrounded the seating accommodations and the gallery of modern art vis a vis from the restaurant gave the setting a gorgeous ambience.
The seating is also carefully chosen by Thomas from selected architects - no stone is left unrolled and everything has its place.


Being delighted by the "bread bar" (yes they make their own bread and it is DELICIOUS! - I normally never eat sides) I came back two hours later and could not wait to take a look at the menu!

To set one thing straight! 
If there is something i highly dislike about restaurants in this economy we live in it is the overload of different dishes you can order.
 Different at the Labstelle! they simply have 3 to 4 mains and entrées to choose from #LOVEIT

What also caught my attention - and i thought it was really cute! - was the first pages of the menu. 
They explain exactly where the products like meat and veggies come from what farmer of what region in austria.

Markys Judgement

I had a great dinner at the Labstelle. 
You can actually taste what you are eating and you dont really want it to stop. 
I was not able to eat a dessert cause the Lemon chicken gave me all i could ever dream of. 
Lemon chicken is one of my favorite meals and i am VERY picky when it comes to the saucing of it. It was perfect. Light -not so sour- and the herbs totally did their job.
The price is completely justified for the quality you get although i would not say that students are able to go lunchin there everyday - but i think that THAT is not the intention of the restaurant anyway.
See you next time Labstelle and please save me some of that delicious black bread! 



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