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Weddingday look

When i was about 5 years old i had the best nanny ever!
Her name was Gudrun (Gucki) - i can recall countless great times i had with her! 

After i moved to vienna - the contact between us somehow got lost.
At some point she turned up with her girlfriend at my show once about one and a half years ago and i was really happy to see her again!
Anyhow - two weeks back i got an e-mail from her - Her Wedding invitation! yay!

I got reminded that i haven't been invited to a lot of weddings lately.
I think it was in 2011+2012 when i attended about 12 weddings (one of them in Nashville - that was fun!)

Anyhow! I'm really happy about going there today!
and of course the biggest question in my head was

after discussing  this topic with my facebook possey 

 I came up with this :) - (Wedding)Look of the day:

shades: Adidas

shades: Adidas 
Necklace: All Saints


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