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TONSUS for the MEN!

Since quite a time now i have been receiving information about this "Men Only" Beauty Online shop.

Through this shop i've found f.i. this amazing fragrance by "CZECH&SPEAK"
Literally every time i put it on somebody comes up to me and says that they smelled me from the minute i entered the room haha but no really guys its so great!
Based in austria TONSUS sells (Online-only) beauty products shaving and skin-care from all around the globe.
All Men reading this blog will agree that there are almost no online or beauty shops that sell high-quality products.
Mainly only the female gender is covered but HEY! - we like nice skin to and we love to smell good to! haha

so here are my TOP 10 Products that you really should try!

Musgo Real Shower geld & Shampoo - Oakmoss

this one will bring more style to you daily teeth-hygene!
Marvis Vintage inspired Jasmin/Mint toothpaste  

these babies are by KORRES - I LOVE - this greek company specializes on all natural products (at somepoint there was a shop in vienna as well but they closed down out of some odd reason)

baby nr. 1 in pink is "Pomgranate"
and baby nr. 2 is "Milk" (dying to try this one! MILK?!?! must be SO Major!)

This STUNNING fragrance was always my "travel" companion.
I took him with me to everywhere i went - paris fashionweek loved the way i smelled at the "Rick Owens" show and at the "Dior Homme" show mr. Tim Blanks complimented me not only to my outfit but also to the way i bring a scent of "mystical" breeze of Kardamom to the room (loved him for that quote! such a nice guy!)

now this is the perfume i was talking about! amazing flacon right? its a black coated layer and shiny black logo print with this old-school London touch to it! really guys! if you like ingredients like Bergamotte, Geranie, Rose, dry smokey essence of Vetivier and Sandelwood - THEN THIS ONE IS A KEEPER! 


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