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Sunday finest...

Time for me.

i always wondered why it is that when you have problems there are surely more to follow and they wind up at your doorbell at the same time.

Well i am in one of these moments right now. 

Health, Work, Love and my social life are getting a-bit to much for me at the moment.
This happens when you dont take care of yourself and your needs and put others first.
It took me a long time, painful relationship and a "burn-out" to recognize that it is definitely NOT wrong with putting yourself first before all.

A lot of people get intimidated by me and think of me as "untouchable" (no this is NOT arrogant you little haters - i was told several times to my face)
but once people get to know me and understand why i act the way i do and that i really do give everyone a chance - mostly only one though - they really love me.
This is the reason why i have SO many friends i could not name a "best one" out of them.

I think it is important to have people around you who let you grow spiritually/emotionally and who support you in what you do. 
A friendship can be only for a time - which is okay - but be sure to be a "giver" not only a "taker" in that time.

I try to give a lot. Once a person catches me and i feel that they are also willing to give - i do almost anything for them.

The topic on "being single" is rather hard for a lot of my friends and me. We have our emotional moments where we do not understand why people like us are single and get mistreated/cheated on all the time.

My conclusion is to love on everyone even if they hurt you - it is way easier to walk through life with a cold and hard heart - but i'd rather get hurt all the time - and believe me i have (this is for Marcus, Michael, Julian, Simon, Atila, Florian and Josef)- oh dont look so surprised yes they are more then only two guys :P - than to turn bitter and cold hearted and become someone/thing i never wanted to.
Hurt people hurt people and forgiving people forgive people.

Anyhow, my doctor encouraged me to take a time off for me and concentrate on what i want and am willing to do that my life gets easier and more stress resistant.

And off i was to my friend Karens place - one of these friends you are able not to see for years and suddenly you run into each-other and BOOM you where never gone. So glad i have friends like her! 



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