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H&M presents Autumn/Winter Collection 2013

Thank you H&M for inviting me to this really amazing presentation last tuesday - had a great time and OMG! THAT GOAT-CHEESE!!!!

So H&M is launching a new - more fashionable high quality - line by this September. I was really impressed by the materials (even the Faux Fur was amazing - and i dont say this lightly).

The collection was shown during PARIS fashion Week on the Official calendar.
Which is no wonder to me because since a view years now H&M Creative director MAGARETH VAN DEN BOSCH - was spotted at various shows at all fashionweeks around the world.

Yes - i think the "dark days" when H&M used to be a NO-GO CHEPO brand are WAAAY over! here comes the new the better and the chicer Hennes&Mauritz of Sweden.

Home collection sented candles.

Now these babies are TOTES a keeper! Silk tassels scraf (comes in red and Black) ME GOTTA HAS THIS!

Feathery explosion! - whatever is going on here its amazing - love it!

The whole SHABANG took place at the new CAFÈ FRANCAIS in Vienna.
AMAZING FOOD! but the waitors are pretty rude actually (not the event of corse but i guess the french... have to have little bit of the rudeness -for the flair)

Lovely Ela Posing for the Press! so adorable!

H&M HOME COLLECTION - gotta love golden silk tassel cochin! 


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