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DAMIR DOMA Resort 2014, Pitti W N°12 Florence

I've been following Damir Doma since the very beginning. I Had the honor of chatting with him after his very first show i think it was 2008? or 2009 in Paris.

I remember going to the show with my friend Sophie, back then we used to work as Fashion Editors/stylists for PENG! Magazine - good times!
Anyhow - we fell in love with the collection from the first look.
Loved everything about this new hyped designer from Germany (croatian born though).

To me it was clear that i want to dress in Damir Doma for the rest of my life, and i will! as soon as i am able to afford it! (-but to be honest his prices are totally acceptable placed in the mid-high section i would say)

What do i think about the Resort collection?

Its different. I'm missing the "beduin" looks a bit - the looks i normally love - the mix of fabrics is bold but totally legit! finished in a very fine way and the different elements round up to a typical DD silhouette i would say.

Whats interesting to me is that Damir is combing three elements this season 
- his typical silhouette
- elements like belly crop top and cut outs are awakening the spirit of the 90s a bit.
- Fabrics with woven and/or printed highlights.

I would say that the Designer is focusing on a broader market because the designs are more "classy" and would attract the average woman of today and also the mystical Damir Doma wearer.

The 90s are back - even Damir has to admit to this ;)

Pants like these - to me - are something new(er) to the brand because the  cuts are very classic and clear - again - missing the haarem/beduin look.

A close-up of the fabrics used on my favorite Dress

Damir Doma at the press-preview at Pitti Womens in Florence


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