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Angewandte SHOW - 2013

I was not present.
But the presence there must have been kind of 50:50 - i was following facebook and twitter feeds - people saying "its booring" and others say it was "the most amazing show ever" - well one thing if for sure! - It was not as bad as the whateveritwasshow last year.

here are my favorites!
(Oh sorry about the credits - but blame the press devision of the Angewandte for NEVER putting credits to their press-releases!)

Pictures are courtesy of TERESA HAMMERL of COLAZIONE A ROMA


 DESIGN: Markus Binder & Emil Beindl (This was SO BRAG!!! also won the "standard/RONDO MODEPREIS" collection: Bevery Hills in Donaustadt

DESIGN: Zarah brandl and Raphael Caric --- this Batik/bellyfree/blue-Troja thing right there i A-MAZING!

SO Pure So Simple! look at these Patterns! #igocrazy

 This is a total keeper but i have NO IDEA who it is by! :(
This dress! i want it so bad!


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