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2 Days in Heaven with DIESEL

Since one week now i have been feeling quite restless and tired, i got fired from my job out of reasons i do not understand - but mark is on the look out for new opportunities in Life (actually have a Job interview at WIENER MODELS today!).

Out of reasons said it was a total blessing for me to get the invitation in my Inbox from DIESEL austria to spend two days in Pörtschach at the beautiful Wörthersee in carinthia.

The weather was great! the food even better and the Hotel - a dream of typical austrian charme.

At this point i want to thank Lisa, Steffi and Tomas for the opportunity and the relaxing time! Diesel - a company that has such a great marketing like almost no other in vienna. Good job (and NO i did not get paid to write these kind words! #hatersgonnahate)

Wonderful SPA/Wellness Hotel LEONSTAIN 

Partners in crime - Kira (The Pet Fan Club) and Madeleine (DARIA DARIA)
I was so happy that they came with us! SO MUCH FUN! to be around them!

Fur-Necklace: LISKA
Asymetric Dress: Weekday
Wide-layover-Pants: DKNY
Bag: Tomy Hilfiger

Me and Madeleine enjoying the Sun-Set at LEONBEACH

Scraf: The scarlet Project
Tunic: a present of PIGEON DISCO (stylists) 

Make-up Artist Patrick Glatthaar regetting that he didn't bring his swim-toggs

on the left - Little Doggi Rhubarb at a gasstation stop on the (long) way to carinthia

on the right - Little Doggi Rhubarb choosing her place to sleep in the room. Guess that leaves the floor for me :(



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Es war uns eine Freude! Schön, dass ihr alle da wart - und fein, dass das Wetter gehalten hat :-)

Règles de l'art

So schön wars! <3


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