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"Whatever Eye" by Stefanie Grißmann

WHATEVER EYE by Stefanie Grißmann
opened her first shop last week.

We are so proud of her and had a great time! 

Stefanie is known for her love to details and most of all the art of pleating elements by hand and making each garment unique and special!

Her customers are always completely satisfied because she delivers 100% top quality for very affordable prices! 

Her Shop on JÄGERSTRASSE 54 1170 in Vienna doesn't only represent "Whatever Eye" but also "Bluhm&Schwarz" and amazing Jewellery designer Elisabeth Habig

Stefanie & me

f.l.t.r.: Me, Stefanie, Nina all wearing "Whatever Eye"

Thats my favorite piece right there! MOSTDEF gonna buy it!

Photos: Maximilan Mauracher + Xenia Bluhm

(best thing about it was the Avocado dipsauce! TO DIE FOR! haha)


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