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Tälly Wätschl - scho geil

It literally took me (and Cathrine) two days to recover from this "Tally Weijl" store opening! 
- i know what you're thinking!

"Tally Weijl?? WTF? thats the biggest purchaser of synthetic clothes since clueless!"

This might be true my friends but BEHOLD! ! It was the best Press Event i have been to in MONTHS!

no words! just #TOTESAMAZE !

Oh me loves :)

No comment on this.
Credit: Michele Pauty

And just when we all thought the evening could not get any better - 

ITS P'TRIQUE <3 font="">

Shock of my LIFE i thought the birds were real!

Random Candygirl in the store.

SO wanted to do that - but the unfriendly italians would not let my booty past them!


AND THEN THERE WAS THE AFTERPARTY with Pixie Geldof (i was told! i never really saw her actually).

<3 kathi="">

lovely handsome Odo with ... uhm... lovely f***in good lookin me ;)

Tally Weijl - I SALUT YOU!
(or your marketing director)
<3 nbsp="">


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