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MET Gala - HOT or NOT

So i am not really sure what was going on at the MET gala this year but there was waaaay more NOT then HOT - which i think is great cause it gave me a big laugh about it.

So here, for you only my dear believers, my HOT/NOT list and maybe some words (of destruction!)

Lets start with HOT

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - if you dont love them and their style i want to advise you to leave this Blog and NEVER return again! - They are simply perfection every time and everywhere they go. got no more to say.

Looking Stunning!!! - Florence Welsh in Givenchy Couture 2012.

WWWHHHAAATTTUUUPPP I love Jennifer Lawrence even more for this

Jenny from the block never b4 made it on my "HOT" list of anything :) But i think this gown suits her very much! :)

I just dont like Miley Cyrus but even i have to admit THIS was a WONDERFUL choice in comparison with my 

NOT list:

Linda Evangelista MET up (haha so funny i know) with Tinkerbell and they had an orgy with cinderella and Queen Elisabeth

uhm...yeah...well... no idea what "artisan dominatrics in the sahara desert" vibe is going on there

When i look at this picture words like: TRON, BLOCK, CUBE and NARNIA come to my mind...

So maybe i will get stoned for this but i really had to laugh out loud when i looked at this picture in the tram - sorry anna and uhm whatever your daughters name is but this does not work in ANY way that i can think of.

and no i will not post a picture of Madonnas outfit cause i find it was simply ugly and not in anyway suitable to go to the MET Gala!

and winner of my NOT list is:

aka the floral Manatee 

(I know everytime is some kardashian! and no i don't care the tha eggo is preggo - looks horrible!)

looks even worse in movement ey?


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