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Talking to ... Haight Ashbury

As soon as someone mentions these two magical words one would surly think of the the roaring 60s flower/power generation - which i believe actually never died - and in a way you are right.

But H.A. is also a rather new band from scotland.
I had the honor of meeting them last summer at the "Donauinsel Festival" at the FM4 Stage.
My Dog and me stoof front row and had a blast! (yes she was dancing to!)

Anyhow they took the time now to anser some questions i sent them.
enough said. here you go!

So you've heard this one a 1000 times but - how do you see your Music in
this time, i mean its all 60s and hippie inspired and how does that fit to
the time we live in.
- The genre was never a conscience decision. We're influences by all kinds of music but mainly late 60's early 70's, however we don't want to just be a tribute band to that era. Grunge and shoe-gaze music like nirvana and mazzy star equally influence our sound so we just see it as a mash up of what we like which hopefully creates something new, if that fits then it fits!

When did you start to realize you want to make music together as a band?
- The girls began to make music with their group of friend near the end of school and that became a touring band with a deal. I (scott) began to play guitar around 16 but only for my own amusement. As i began to play with other artists, one random night the girls asked me to sub in for another member for a gig. We loved the sound and the vibe between the 3 of us so decided to quit our other projects and continue as a 3 piece which became haight-ashbury.

 If you would describe morden music - negative - in one statement what
would you say?
- This could be taken negatively or positively but with the nature of music production nowadays and easy access to studio equipment everyone can be in a band or a producer. I think this can lead to dillution of the industry and over production.

(picture taken at the Morisson Club in Vienna)

Modern music in a positive way?
At the same time though this gives more people access to music therefore theres a chance for greater talent and learning. Although the industry shrinking means this talent doesn't get noticed!

What Artist do you look up to? This can be Music or any other art.
- I really look up to bands that have done it the hard way through gigging and touring. These bands start small and build slowly. Music is an easy industry to give up on, theres always bumps along the road. Thats why you hear of so many people being in bands when they are 20 then by 22 they all have real jobs and have given up. If you stick it out and in your 30's your still touring at whatever level and making records, you have to admire that commitment because it impacts on your life, good or bad.

 Artists my readers should definitely follow?
- Theres an artist called 'Chris Whitley' who is my all time favourite and relatively unknown. Sadly he's dead now but maybe around 10 albums in his life time and they are all excellent. He's my favourite guitarist and songwriter, combining brilliant bluesy guitar melodies with great lyrics. His guitar style is like no other, definately one of our biggest influences, with use of a resonator guitar and footstomp, combined with touches of both blues and grunge depending on what album.

You have been to vienna about 3 times now right? (im a bit of a stalker,
i've been following you since your first Album) how do you like Vienna - be
honest ;)
- Haha, we honestly love it. We've been saying that since the first time we came to play the 'waves festival'. We've been lucky enough to hang about there quite alot each time we've played (which is rare when you're touring. Its a great cross over between a modern city and a city of culture, with good music thrown in!

What would you change in this world if you could?
- That you had more time! the busier you get the quicker it goes by!

...Margaret thatcher is dead - any words on her?
- We're just too young to have been aware when she was having a major impact on the UK. we grew up with different prime ministers. However being from Scotland you can't help but be influenced by bad feelings towards her. She treated Scotland badly in particular, through tryingly tax schemes on us first. I don't agree with her politics at all, but you can't deny her being an extremely important political figure. I'm glad she's not still in charge but who's to say the current politicians are any better. I think that goes for every country.

Thank you so much for you time!

For any more information please visit their Homepage!
Here are the upcoming tour-dates:

13.05.13 Bratislava, KC Dunaj (SK)
14.05.13 Graz, Orpheum (AT)
15.05.13 Budapest, A38 Ship (H)
16.05.13 Wien, Chelsea (AT) **NEW**
17.05.13 Linz, Posthof (AT)
18.05.13 Leipzig, Ilses Erika (D)



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