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This give-away today is by MAMMÜ

totally loving their scarfs and stuff, but the best thing about it (sorry have to say this) is the beautiful glass Bottle the scarf came in!! 


So in case you want to win this beautiful piece, just leave a comment with your e-mail adress so that i can get in contact with you!

You have time until the 1st of May

MAMMU is a fashion company that closely cooperates with young Latvian mothers in need. Many of them are less mobile in the job market due to their inability to work fixed working hours. Rather often these women cannot enroll their children into a kindergarten, as the number of places available is limited. If they cannot afford to hire a nanny, a full time job is not an option for them. The state social benefit is so small that these women virtually have to survive on an income way below a minimum subsistence level.


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ich will den vielleicht haha


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