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#crazyweek 2

The Week goes on as we come to my second Blog-post about Pressdays gone MAD!

This time
Some shop i can't pronounce the name of and 
The Ringstrassen Galerien Awards
(winner Alba Prat - haha im so bad didnt even take pics cause i like other designers more haha)

I was in a kind of countrymeetslondonmeetsrockerwhatever mood.
My Look for the day.


l.t.r. Nicole Komitov  at  MILK

Tini Rastinger Designer at SO LCH LD

Brand i cant pronounce ivited me to take a look at their new shop. Really nice people and really nice and tidy shop. but still not really my style...

(this one was funny though! once the pants get wet the Print comes out! reminded me of a Mermaid Barbie i once had - same think happened with her Tail, it changed color once it got wet - sound so wrong in so many ways!)

Benny from Faux-Fox Magazine

(haha little fail - shop sticker of the shop before)



NINALI by Nina Kepplinger

 (So while we were waiting for the winner fo be announced this "Band" came out and well.. what did they do actually... not quite sure. Thought they are horrible sorry. there is only one Peaches on the planet!)


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