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Mühlbauer SS13

The house MÜHLBAUER - austrian Hat-Manufacturer - presents its amazing new Collection for Spring/Summer 2013.
The new face of the Campaign is non less then performance artist Jakob Lena Knebl

The new autumn/winter collection takes place in two 
worlds that could hardly be more different. It’s all
about light and shade, centre stage and backstage, 
party and everyday. 

This duality was consciously 
chosen by the Mühlbauer design team (Klaus 
Mühlbauer, Nora Berger and Barbara Gölles). 

The picture for this season’s collection was created
by the Austrian artist Jakob Lena Knebl. His work 
includes performance, fashion and installation. For
Mühlbauer, Knebl created a “Living Painting”. 

means she used her own body, and, inspired by 
Kasimir Malewitch and Alexej Jawlensky, placed it 
centre stage. The resulting work “kasimir” can be 
understood as the very first Mühlbauer nude. 

AW 2013 01 Jakob Lena Knebl

The series julija glitters. Plaited hair bands, airline 
stewardess inspired hats or a pillbox with propeller,
all shine metallically in the softest Napa leather.

Sometimes in combination with fur, sometimes as a 
solo performance. Even the hand-knitted beanies 
enjoyed a full party revamp. They have been 
upgraded with fur or, alternatively, dyed lemon 

The fur hats in the collection series rex
couldn’t avoid the designer’s colour frenzy either.
Now they too are yellow or turquoise. 


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