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And the Winners are!!

Grand Diagonale Prize for Best Austrian Feature Film (€ 21.000)

Tizza Covi und Rainer Frimmel for Der Glanz des Tages 

Grand Diagonale Prize for Best Austrian Documentary Film (€ 21.000)

Bernadette Weigel for Fahrtwind – Aufzeichnungen einer Reisenden

Best Innovative Cinema Award (€ 10.500)

Best Short Feature Film (€ 4.000)
Florian Pochlatko for Erdbeerland

Best Short Documentary Film (€ 4.000)
Friedemann Derschmidt for Das Phantom der Erinnerung

Best Young Talent Film (€ 4.000)
Matthias Zuder for Erbgut

Diagonale Prize for Cinematography (€ 2.000 each) 
Best cinematography feature film: Wolfgang Thaler and Ed Lachman for Paradies: Liebe 

Best cinematography documentary film: Bernadette Weigel for Fahrtwind – Aufzeichnungen einer Reisenden

Diagonale Prize for Editing (€ 2.000 each) 
Best editing feature film: Peter Brunner for Mein blindes Herz

Best editing documentary film: Alexandra Schneider for Fahrtwind – Aufzeichnungen einer Reisenden

Diagonale Prize for Sounddesign (€ 2.000 each)
Best Sounddesign feature film: Gerhard Daurer, Peter Kutin und Andreas Pils for Soldate Jeannette

Best editing documentary film: Max Liebich for Fahrtwind – Aufzeichnungen einer Reisenden

Diagonale Prize for Production Design and Costume Design (€ 1.500 each)
Renate Martin and Andreas Donhauser for Paradies: Liebe (Production design feature film)

Monika Buttinger for Talea (Costume design feature film)

Diagonale Audience Award (€ 3.000)

Marco Antoniazzi and Gregor Stadlober for Schlagerstar
(We dont really understand this one! "Das Haus meines Vaters war waaay better!!)

Diagonale Prize Best Actress (€ 3.000)

Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg for Soldate Jeannette

Diagonale Prize Best Actor (€ 3.000)
Johannes Nussbaum for Diamantenfieber – Kauf dir lieber einen bunten Luftballon

Prize for Innovative Production (€ 10.000) 
Wega Film for Liebe

Carl Mayer Script Prize 

Main Prize (€ 14.500): Monja Art for Siebzehn 
Young Talent Prize (€ 7.200): Achmed Abdel-Salam for Der Rand

Thomas Pluch Script Prize (€ 11.000)

Petra Ladinigg and Umut Dağ for Kuma

Thomas Pluch Recognition Prize (€ 5.500 each)
Xaver Bayer, Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel for Der Glanz des Tages

Catalina Molina for Unser Lied and Jürgen Karasek for Novemberlichter



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The "Problem" with being me.

When you grow up you go through different phases or times in your life.
These manifest themselves in the way you dress, the music you listen to, the political views you get or set as a standard for yourself.
At some point i got to an age where i thought "okay i have to be grown up now"
And that involved bundling up my past and letting it be - even looking at what i thought was right back then or belittling the essences of my former lifestyle (music, politics, etc).
The years i have spent living in Vienna where just everything - literally filled with pretty much every situation one can imagine.

I got empowered.
I was dragged down. I gained many new friends.
I lost many old friends. appreciation. rejection.
things that we as overall would call LIFE.

In all of this my biggest problem was to find a group i belong to or to have friends who are truly my friends - not seeing that the friends i had the longest already where all i needed. Very slowly and probably only over the last thre…

All eyes on...

... Daikichi Amano
This artist doesn't need an explaination. I think the pictures speak/yell loudly for their selves.

so much to be said from my side - I find his art grand!


Hetzendorf BA Show 2013

Kind of a hassle was made about the Hetzendorf fashionschool BA Show yesterday.
So my expectations were set high.
were they met? - uhm... well partly. All in all the show was nice and well prepared but there was an overall look the every collection.
Very scandinavian - wide cuts - big "vibskovy" jackets and coats and such.  Also the current trend of 90s jackets and pants was   seen throughout the collections.
Hardly any cuts that caught my eye. But again - the overall look was okay. Just nothing really new or neverdonebefore designers. no key looks.
Some hat designer showcased 4 looks but only 2 hats? If they have one year to come up with 4 looks minimum i dont know why unfinished pieces are even allowed over runway? #thingsidontget

Beautiful Helena Severin @ Wienermodels in Jana Wieland

Some Shoe designer showcases great shoes in the dark with only the models mobile-phone shining on the feet - or directly at the face of the model - BOO!
(The shoes were shown on the back screen and looked…