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All eyes on...

Andreas Jakwerth

austrian Photographer 
based in Vienna.
Focusing on portrait and reportage photography.
Likes to travel. Loves to climb.
Is ready for some action!

Its a funny story how i met Andreas.
As maybe some of you know i also work in a small Take-away in the 18th district in Vienna.
I work there about 2 times a week - 12 Munchies - anyhow, Andreas is a so called "Stammkunde" and he always orderes the same thing every time he comes. 2 Bananabread slices.

So to cut a long story short - the Lufthansa Magazine took an interview with me and they sent a photographer to take pictures this coming week.
And guess who the photographer was - right! Andreas.
So i get this random facebook friendrequest from Andreas, and first i thought "Hum...kinda cute looking guy i wonder what he wants..." so i accept. The chat pops up and he was like "Bring me some Bananbread to the shooting!" and then i looked at his pics again an had to laugh.

His Photography is amazing! Seldom did i see documentation photography this good!
So today all eyes are on Andreas Jackwerth!

(this one i think is taken in australia but it reminds me of my Home New Zealand)


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