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Bauke Knottnerus

all eyes on Bauke Knotterus and his phat knits.

For those of you who knit this Bauke Knottnerus ‘Phat Knits’ furniture is for you.

Designers at Bauke Knottnerus desire is it to create functional furniture that is totally out of the ordinary. Their enormous efforts resulted in enormous pieces. 

One could Label The Phat Knits collection as contemporary furniture; instead of having structure, these pieces can be whatever you need them to be. They lie on the floor and can act as a mattress, couch or rug.

The pieces are constructed out of super-sized threads and weaved together into knitted shapes. Since the knit is so huge, the furniture is cushiony and thick, molding to the body of dwelling on it.
The Bauke Knottnerus Phat Knits collection is “sew” supersized you’ll think you shrunk!


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