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My Journey took me to Paeroa. My Mum, Sister and me were planing on going for a walk through the bush in Waihi. But we got held up ;)
The town is known for all the antique and vintage stores on main street.
i have to go back at some point to buy....

....the green hat was only 20 dollars :)


So walking into one vintage store after the other i came to RUSTY.
As i walked in a cloud of Patchuli insents hit me and i found myself in the a psycho/goa/60s world filled with all sorts of glass talismans and fringe scarfs hanging from the sealing.
Just loved this shop a lot! Had a litle chat with the owner which also explained the name of the shop "RUSTY" because her Artist name is Rusty. I looked through her portfolio lying on an antique woven chair in one of the rooms.
Her pictures were also all over the walls.

I stood in fromt of this piece for about 15minutes! Even when i look at the photograph right now it has quite an impact on me!

(some shop, really liked the name haha)

Stopped at this restaurant my mum was at about 25 years ago.

Relaxing at the Farm just before driving to Auckland cause i have my first model job 2morrow. 
More to come on that next post :)


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