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Seen It - Stole It

So my dears.
i cant remember how often i flick through magazines or blogs or other media and see designers steeling other designers work.
So i decided to dedicate a new serie to the victims called "SEEN IT - STOLE IT"

so for the first post i didn't really had to look to far. just on Facebook among my friends.
Amazing designer Benjamin Quirico's Label "Schirach&Rosenthal" is known Austrian wide and i personally ordered a great coat from his last collection.

Which brings me straight to it.
Another "Designer" called "Karl-Michael" (not really known anywhere and more a PR Joke then a real designer in my opinion) also is about to launch a new collection. He posts his working process on facebook. Well unlucky for him i found out about that.
And what did i see?
WOW you are so bright my lovely readers!
THE COAT from "Schirach&Rosenthal" BANG BANG your dead Karl-Michael

these two pictures were taken during prototype production phase in late August 2012

and these are from the LOOK BOOK (isnt the coat just soooo amazing!)


sorry but thats just sad.


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