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Marcel Nestler Illustration artist

I actually got to know Marcel as Model.
After becoming "friends" with him on facebook i noticed these illustrations he posted on his wall.
 I asked him about them. He claimed them to be his drawings.
So i grabbed the images for me-sa blog yay :)

Marcel has a very unique view on his own work.

"I started when i was a small kid to sketch stuff but never really went to school or university for it. At the moment it`s more or less just a hobby that really enjoy. But i want to do it as soon as im done being a Full-time Model. But i guess i will never be a fulltime illustrator. I was often told to exhibit and sell more of my pictures but i would never think of doing so because i can not say about my work that its professional. But the idea of it is really kind-of nice."


In my opinion Marcels work is amazing and i will keep you posted about his progress.

This is my favorite


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