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Introducing Khube-Magazine

KHUBE is a fashion/conceptual design Magzine. 
With its square format, it asserts itself as a defender of a culture often forgotten, trying to break the rules and clichés of fashion magazines. 

Themes (fashion, art, literature, music, film, architecture coming from the next number, etc..) Are so unconventional, so as to highlight the new artistic and cultural creation.

KHUBE is platform of expression for creative avant-garde artists whose works are exposed, allowing them to share their world and explain their work in their own words. 
The topics are organized around a theme which defines each number, and the names given to them referring to our senses. 
Thus, the section devoted to the s mode?? Call'd "TOUCH", devoted to the music is called "HEAR", etc.. Modern or Post Modern, already facing international (number 3, published in October is fully bilingual), the magazine is aimed at a young audience at the crossroads of "Digital Natives" (Digital Generation) and future "creators" of fashion, photography, plastic.


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