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Hey! Finally! yay! NEW BLOG! NEW DESIGN!
what do you think?

I think it was about time, my Blog exists since i am 15 years old and back then it was totally okay to have a name like Dough&Fruit but we all get older and we all gain experience and most of all we get new/better views.

There is much to come in the next week! prepare yourselves for new Interviews, Reviews, Event tips and most of all - FREE GIVEAWAYS! YAY! :)

Okay to start i want to tell you about my new office in Vienna.
Its great to finally have a place to go and work!

First day of work a very kind lady from L'oreal sent me a views products to test and look at (more detailed posts soon to come) but one thing i can tell you right away - i love the "Nutri-Huile Oleo Relax + Anti-Frizz" thing.
Its kinda like a Oil for making your hair super slick ;) (i have long hair btw)

And after rushing to Linz for an Interview with the local Newspaper there i was invited to attend the MIKA concert at the Vienna GASOMETER.
I was 15 min late and the entrance was closed so i thought i wont come in. But at exact that moment a really nice lady from Universal music rushed passed me and asked if i want to get in - so i got in for free - YAY Lucky Marky :)
Im not really a fan of MIKA but his energy and his performance was really great!


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