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Beauty time

So theses posts are called "Beauty Time" the're going to be about - oh wow you guessed it! beauty! -
My BFF Kathi and me will test different products from various companies and review them for you :)

Product #1
"Foaming  cleansinggel for oily and sensitive skin"
I have oily skin and after using it was for one better then before but really clean...not so much.
I love product #2!!
"Nutri-huile + Anti Frizz"
Makes your hair totally slick and smells ääämmmäääzzzing

Oh by the way :)
what do you say to our great product  pictures haha? :) #funtimes

on the left you have the "loss/slick" Milk. massage it into your towel-wet hair and blow-dry them after. feeling is slicker and softer :) 
on the right you have a great peeling.
Usage is rather easy (duh!?!) and the feeling is nice cause the pearls in the peeling are so small that it feels like the finest sand you ever felt.

this one...uhm...rahter normal... did really see a difference to any other cleansing lotion.
but the bottle design is nice haha :)

Kathi and i have two winners:

(best result+best bottle design+best smell haha)

(best result, best WOW-effect for us, best after-feeling)


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