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Vienna Design Week

As part of Passionswege

 – one of the classic programme formats of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK – designers and design teams were invited to collaborate with selected Viennese companies and manufacturers. From this dialogue, works, installations and sometimes products will come into being over the course of several months 
– all characterized by the experimental nature of this format. 


In this year’s laboratory – the temporary studio – four designers and design firms will take part, having been selected by curator Erwin K. Bauer and the directors of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK Tulga Beyerle and Lilli Hollein. Under the title “Pretty Ugly”, Julia Lohmann (Germany), Julian Hagen (Austria), EL ULTIMO GRITO (Spain) and Sebastian Pataki (the Netherlands) will work live during this time on the new design language of the “ugly” and “aesthetically unacceptable”, which is inspired by trash culture and the spontaneity and naturalness of amateurs.
Every evening there will be a laboratory discussion on various topics with the participating designers and international guest speakers from the field of graphic and product design. Omar Sosa, art director of the magazine “Apartamento”, is expected, among other participants. Speaking at the opening will be Lupi Asensio and Martin Lorenzo, whose publication “Pretty Ugly. Visual Rebellion in Design” was the impetus for this year’s laboratory.
The Laboratory is made possible by the support of Vorwerk Teppiche. 


VIENNA DESIGN WEEK will give five design teams or individual designers a free ticket to take part in the festival and introduce themselves on that platform with a programme item addressing the subject of social design. These projects will engage with social issues related to design or create new kinds of scenarios for urban space.
The design team mathak + mahlknecht is represented at this year’s City Works with the project
“Best Before – On Planned Obsolescence” (“Mindestens haltbar bis – über die geplante Obsoleszenz”). Their installation deals with the common but taboo practice of the managed obsolescence of products and is accompanied by a supporting programme of lectures, a film screening and a panel discussion.
Gebrüder Stitch, the full-time makers of custom-tailored jeans, invites seniors to their “full spread” to share secret coffee and cake recipes and life wisdom.
In the “Theatre of Destruction,” festival visitors can bring their broken and worthless household appliances. Here the industrial designer Lena Goldsteiner breathes new life into the old plastic parts before they go to the dump.
TOLEDO i DERTSCHEI offers their services as typesetters with “Printing in Place” (“Druckerei am Platz”). In “Slowprinting”, festival visitors learn how to make their own prints in multiple languages.
Withtheirsurveyof “Mankind,Manufacturing,Material”(“Mensch,Manufaktur,Material”),the Cologne design collective büromacht investigates the Caritas Vienna “hke” workshop with regard to the scope of their social responsibilities.



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