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Tauba Auerbach

We're not surprised, about Auerbachs  success, she is remarkable and her skills and have been top notch in the Art scene for a while now.
The opening reception for her show "The Answer/ Wasn't Here" at Jack Hanley last May was a madhouse, and she's just plain talented. 
She works with letters and symbols, mostly, stretching them, distorting them, and pointing out the ways in which other people stretch and distort them. 

At the moment, she's "working with the Cambridge University logician Byron Cook, designing new mathematical symbols for his research on what's known as 'the halting problem,'" according to Vogue. 
Why is the fashion magazine interested? 
Auerbach is also collaborating with Comme des Garcons on some t-shirts, but i think the real reason is that the editors like the way she dresses ;)


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