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Power Women

This post is to bring to mind the great women desingers which currently interest me.
I've been following their work and am very happy to see that they are doing great!

To begin with lets have a look at KAREN WALKER. She is from New Zealand, so am i, and i have been following her since 2006 i believe.
To see her grow pretty fast! I still remember reading her newsletter where it was mentioned that Karen was showing her collection for the first time at New York Fashionweek.

By now she is pretty known around the Globe. Escpecially her current eyewear collection is getting known even here in Vienna! I posted the eyewear collection HERE

And as said, her Shades are AMAZING! :)

Her current Collection is called "American Girl" (I think she is pretty popular in NYC)
and these are my favorite looks

SO - Lets turn to the other side of the World - IRELAND!

She was named "Best Irish Designer" twice and i just a very lovable fun Woman to be with. We had the best time in Paris exhibiting at the Zip-Zone. Or lets say we made the best out of it haha

Im talking about NATALIE B. COLEMAN

Anyhow i really loved the designs and her Prints for the "I love ME" Collection
here is the campagne video for the collection

Her previous collection was called "All the Jewellery i never got" she prints of all the Jewels she never got, really really love that collection to! AND! its a fab idea as well!
Oh! AND she is getting married soon! CONGRATS! I hope she gets the ring she wanted ;)

here also another video to it :)

All The Jewellery I Never Got from GrandBoy on Vimeo.

So but now im simply to hot to write another word!
33 degrees here in Vienna O__O



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