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Magazin am Getreidemarkt

There is a new Shop in town for all of you who didn't know it yet!
"Magazin am Getreidemarkt" is opening its doors today (12th of June) at 3 p.m.

A mix of Fashion, Art and Lounge. 
"Mucki" the shop owner gave me a little preview while we were shooting the new SS12 collection of Sophie Yangs new collection named after the shop.

By the way! looking threw the collection i noticed that Sophie is using the new "Milk fibre" Fabric!
A unique thing in Vienna! i heard about it but never felt it! ITS LIKE SILK! I LOVE!

Great Model Marie Luise getting all dolled up by great make-up artist
Chris-Mirco-Schreiber @ Motheragency

The painting was specially made for "Baron Mucki" the owner of the shop :)


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