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busy busy busy

I was really quite busy the last view weeks but lucky for ya'll i'll show you what i was up to. And really! it was quite a lot happening in this small town called vienna.

To start with, did i ever tell you about my great Friend Hanna Palme? She is an amazing Singer/Songwriter. She had a concert at the Shelter.

There was a drunk guy lying on stage. chilling with him for a bit :)

A view days later Fashion Designer LENA HOSCHEK invited me to the opening of her new "Atelier" - more a house!
Great location made with sooo much detail and love. Really liked the event and the new collection for Spring/Summer.
I was there with my friend Nina Geschl designer at "Prinzessin auf der Erbse"
Christoph Rumpf from "The Glass Punk"
Thomas Kirchgrabner designer at "Liska"

Me, Lena, Thomas 

Nina <3


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