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DIAGONALE 2012 part 2

I never mentioned who i was with at the festival :)
My close friend and great actress Claudia Kainberger(her Blog) was so kind to let me and filmmaker Anna Spannlang (her Blog) crash on her couch for the 3 days.
Also in town was Bernd Oppl, he actually showed his short experimental Film "Hotel Room"

Speaking of Anna and Bernd, we went out one night to the Papierfabrik in graz (hot new place to be we were told). It was more some older hippie guy playing his 60s records and Motown favorites. Which is not so bad but actually everyone just wanted to shake their booty to electronic music ;)
Somehow we stayed until 4:30 though i think.
On the way home Bernd had a great idea - due to the fact that i was thursday evening (WE KNOW! actually friday morning duh!)- he came out and told us that he was .... watching Germanys next Topmodel!! We were shocked! but decided to crash with him in his great "Hotel Room" - HA!

The next morning we snuck into the lobby and had a great yummy breakfast! Thanks Bernd and Diagonale :)

Berndi and Anna(why didn't i take any pics of Anna at all?) breakfast talk :)

So but now we should focus on why i was actually at the Diagonale :)
Frist Film of the day was the opening Film of the Festival SPANIEN by Anja Salomonowitz.

Conned by smugglers, Moldavian Sava finds himself stranded in Austria. Hundreds of kilometers away from his desired destination, he meets a woman named Magdalena in a church. She is also estranged – from herself and from her ex-husband who desperately longs to be by her side again. 

And then there's Gabriel, who by chance and misfortune holds the reins to a tightly knit web of relationships. A film about the search for one destination that might be worth reaching.

Then everything got a bit tricky, like it always is i wanted to see 2 or more movies at the same time.
In this case it was:
KUMA by Umut Dàng
DONAUSPITAL by Nikolas Geyrhalter
STOFF DER HEIMAT by Othmar Schmiderer
Experimentalfilmprogramm 4
Bernd(in se middle) and two other film makers haha

Ended up watching the Experimental films. Because Bernd was Showin his film there.
If that wouldn't have been the case i would have watched KUMA probably.

At the end of the day it was really nice to watch a Film that just makes you laugh. And really! i am no comedy guy normally but "WIE MAN LEBEN SOLL" by David Schalko is just to funny!
So great! :)

Talk with David Schalko after his movie(a little bit of a drunk haha, but it was late)

Taboo is a radical story about forbidden love. Georg Trakl pays homage to a historically unproven affair with his sister in his poems. In Vienna, they indulge in their illicit intimacy. Georg, however, increasingly succumbs to societal pressure, and with it falls into drug use. 

This drives Grete into the arms of her music teacher, but she will not give in to this fate so easily. In the end, it is a question of existing together or not at all.

Diagonale Part 3 - soon to come :)

(:  meine Liebis  :)


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