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DIAGONALE 2012 part 1

"Spät aber doch"
here now comes my review of the Diagonale 2012 in Graz.
A festival for Austrian Film.

First of all i have to say, i've been coming to this Festival three years in a row and wow! a big thank you to the city Graz! everywhere you go you see Diagonale posters/flags/etc... you really get the vibe that the city is in festival mood! Really nice to see how everyone is taking part in the citys activities(none like others).

But lets cut the mush. I was able to attend the festival for only three days this year which was such a shame but i got a great piece of the cake!
Unlike the last time i watched quite a lot documentary films this year.
Somehow we got the feeling that there was quite a focus on "Sexual" topics.

Starting our first day with the documentary "Whores Glory"by Michael Glawogger at 11 a.m. was quite a rough start of but the pictures was amazing.

our friend Gucki managing tha press ;)

And at this point i have to say that the soundtrack is really great! But one should think about it if using music by Coco rosie, Bunny lake or Damien rice is really a good idea. in the sense of commercializing the topic a bit to much maybe. just a thought.

And on it went with Movie "Outing" by Sebastian Meise and Thomas Reider
To this picture - there were several moments i wanted to stand up and leave the room. Such a very hard topic especially if you have a good relationship to children. But i sat it through because i thought i really had to confront myself with this and also hear different perspectives.
The Cinema hall was packed with people, as the lights went on after the movie there were about half of the people left. I will be sure to make a extra post about this documentary picture. There is more to say.

best part of this years festival - the opening of the new IKU restaurant :) 7,20€ all you can eat austrian buffet!!!! #totesamaze!

The first day closed with the Film "Stillleben" by Sebastian Meise (< boy you like these topics dont you)

Bernhard catches his father visiting a brothel. 
The prostitute is supposed to pretend to be Lydia as a child, Bernhard's now adult sister. All at once the hidden obsession of a lifetime comes to light, exposing a web of family deceit. 
Did the father ever act on his fantasies? In an overwhelming silence, the protagonists pose the question of guilt. A film which defies the trivial portrayal of a social taboo. A bold feature film debut.

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