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300! This is Sparta!

YAY! this is my 300 post! I know not really a lot for the amont of time i had this Blog(2005 haha)
But i am getting better and better at it, just look at how many posts i´ve written this last month ;) hehe

Anyhow, i had a lovely time the last two days with a very dear friend of mine, i have to ask her if i am allowed to publicly notice her on my Blog. So for now i wont do it.

She had to get some books for a piece of work she had to write for Uni. So it was of to Thalia for us 
(and H&M after ;) i know i know!)

While she was looking around not fining what she was looking for  i was zipping my yummy yummy Oreo-shake and came about the "fantasy/sci-fi" section. 

And i thought to my self "WTF"? (what song is this line from?)

Starting with my absolut hero of the fantasy section :) "ALIEN TAGO"
Look at this great cover - a crossover of Superman and Mila Jovovich in Resident Evil (with chucks on)

Dracula having SM sex with Kate Beckinsale?? Van Helsing Biiaaatch -ups its a Bestseller

               So many colors!!!!!!                      Robin Hobb??? Fo Rizzle manizzle?

Now this was kinda a disapointment for me to see, cause the "Simarillion" by J.R.R. Tolkien (Lord of the rings... duh!) is actually a good book! - hey wait a second, maybe the others are to, dont judge a book by its ....what? i buy books by the looks haha.

What ever are these books doing in this section.

Emma -my only moment was Harry potter and the Burberry campagne- Watson
in "I want to be tinkerbell" by Tim Burton


Olivia -i had my big moment on leather car seats with john travolta and now i'm a dinosaur- Newton John
in "I love country music" by Dolly Parton (alias her unofficial sister)

(my friend thought she lost one of her titts! baahaha! sorry -not- funny, breast-cancer is not funny!)

So after all this bliss and fun it was of to the "phil" for a hot chocolate and talking about film, trying to convince my darling to start a film blog, cause i think there aren't really that many around are there? 

and i think we had a two hour discussion about various films/directors/actors. Joana(ups i said her name) is THA SHIAT when it comes to leading a discussion ;)


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