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Paul DeFlorian

So theres this guy i know called Paul.
I know him from these events in Vienna where you gather around pieces of art and talk about it all the time while you are actually there to drink cheap read wine and get wasted. And from the social network of course.

But actually Paul DeFlorian works as painter/performance artist. 
His Artworks are, in my opinion,
working on subjects due to draw out fantasies/wishes/imaginations that lie hidden and should actually stay there.
Confronting the viewer with themes you cant really turn from, but you want to.
Born in Linz Paul is one of the the best upper austrian artists at present. 
When i look at Pauls work i feel warmth, pain, honesty and purity.
Paul currently lives in Berlin and Vienna.

This here would be my fave, loving the colors and the images. telling a story.
Paul DeFlorian togehter with Urs Buchart

Is there something/someone that you think of when you paint?

"Yes, i'm thinking of resolving structure without negating the structures themselves - Dismantling
Freeing the art of painting and the mind through long time traditions and resolving boundaries."


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