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Golden Globes 2012

So after our Lookbook shooting yesterday i was pretty tired and wanted to take a bath and hit the hay. 

But after my dear Friend Marlene slipped it to me that the Golden Globes where on 2night i thought..."Well might as well watch the live-stream"

All in all the red carpet was pretty much as every red carpet. Only big Designers, hardly any young emerging talents. I took the time(yes i know i must be bored out of my head) to make a ranking of:


"oops, i think i just threw up in my mouth"

Uhm... Jessica Alba in Gucci. booring as hell

 Lea Michele in Marchesa
- Fo Rizzle??? Guuurl did you ever look at the current collection? and that is the best you came up with?
its so "Ice queen meets the little mermaid" - FAIL!

HEIDI! YAY! I love you for wearing this Nude toilette paper tubedresslookalike with the turquoisewhatever on it.
the Look: "Flintstones meets southern Hippie Mum" 

"uhm... I don´t give a fuck - I´m high"

Nicole: Keith darling, can you tell me if my face looks okay?
Keith: Honey i dont know im to stoned to see shit
Nicole: Versace makes my Boobs come out


----- !BEST DRESSED! -----

Zooey Deschanel in Prada - STUNNING!
(okay we forgive the clutch)

Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci - GIMME THAT!!!

And the WINNER for "Best Dressed" is

Okay enough bitchin arround :) see you at the Oscars!


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