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...sweet dreams are made of this who am i to disagree. are the man from Jerusalem! I knew we met before

...would you marry me? - of course not

...i came all the way from san Francisco to see your face, you hurt me so baldy but know i knew.

...i came to dance not to socialize

...tonight your mine completely

...put your hands inside my face and see that its just you.

What to think about what not to think about. Principles that have been showed to us, principles that we should honor and live.

Orders that have been given to us. Order by the church? by our parents? teachers or friends?

Who are thee?
You who holds his head in dark clouds
Come and face reality.
For once! please be your self.
Don´t hide behind your age! Take responsibility for what you have done!
Live up to it!
Grow up!
Get your life straightened.


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