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Looking back. Something i dont like doing.
My world is the future, what will come, what is still to happen.

2011 was the best and the worst year in my life.
Julia once said be happy it happened in this order and not the other way arround
The best and the worst event in my life took place in Berlin. Even on the same spot.

warschauerstrasse - Berlin

What else is there to say for 2012. I guess i can only be thankful!
Thankful for my Friends and Family that are always there for me to help me clean up my mess when i am to weak to make it on my own.
What do i want for 2012?
I want to be able to live from my Art
Do my part to make the world a better place. Its all about love and loving each other!
Looking forward to meet people that are ment to be in my life. Looking forward to meet the one that my father in heaven has prepared for me.
Listening to the music of the seasons, feeling the spirit of the youth of the young and of the elder.

Embracing whatever comes my way.
trying to deal with hurt and tears. A task that has to be learned the hard way.
trying to deal with happiness and smiling at more people.
Spreading the Love that has been planted in my heart.

6 different Countries

23 different Cities 

3 different Fashion Weeks

2 Festivals

4 Film Festivals

over 15 concerts

over 25 new outfits ;)

3 Prices

over 200 Press features

over 10 Editorials

1 Radio Appearance 

2 Collections

Blogger conference

Fashion Shows



and a sh**load of new Friends

2011 in songs:

Adele - Rolling in the deep (probably THE Artist of 2011)

My Song of 2011:

And the only way her heart will mend is when she learns to love again....

                             ...its time you had your talk

...say its not her fault.
...when she gets upset tell her that you never ment to hurt someone.

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Hello! This is Ana from Barcelona I'm a fashion blogger and fashion stylist! I was checking some fashion blogs from Vienna, because I'll move there on February - March and I would like to know some important bloggers from the fashion scene.

Here in Spain the bloggers we are doing important collaborations with some brands ( I was in LA one month ago for a collaboration with H&M) and I don't know how is that in Austria.

I don't know too much people and I can't speak German yet, I'm so excited but a bit nervous too! =)

Well, nice to find your blog! Is really really cool !



Dough and Fruit

Well Ana,
Just drop me a line on facebook :)

mark stephen baigent




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