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Sundays finest... was Thursday evening when YOSHIS CORNER presented to exhibition "ASIAN BUKAKE"
Well it wasn't an actual "Bukake" exhibition more like a general exhibition by asian artists that had a hint of Bukake to it i would say.
anyhow here are a view pics.

i loved this piece cause from across the room it looked like a Photo but it is oil on linen.
The shoulder parts are made with great effort and detail!


Asian woman with big titts...i think i was a bit to tipsy to remember the exact name of the piece

Rita had the best interpretation for this one :)
This Ladyboy was unhappy with having a dick so he cut it of, thats why you can see the big red splash in the background ;) hehe


Met Honey Headshots, one of the hottest Hip-Hop girls in town / art lover / it-girl / artist in general

After that happening, it was of to the 7th district. 
The inoperable gallery  on Burggasse is currently showing the exhibition by 


We love her art! yes we do! :)

This one here is not by miss Van but we thought it was quite funny :)

90s party at the Shelter ;) mucho funno!!

baking cookies at Yaldas place the next day

Shes got the magic stick shes the looove doctor ;)

Yalda looking abit skeptical at her creations :)

Elisabetta working it :)

Kathi made a cat threesome... well... we hate that dough!

Hipster picture with Elisabetta haha :)


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