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Getting an invitation to a  DIESEL presentation is always a great moment when i get my Mail in the morning. It guarantees a great evening filled with fashion, music, drinks and food.
The presentation of the new Spring/Summer collection 

 We don't know how DIESEL does is but they always put so much effort into their presentations! WE LIKE! more of that please!
The Location was amazing! the Elysium in the 1st district in Vienna.
The fingerfood was as well haha :)
Everyone loved it and no one had ever been here before (which is kinda rare in Vienna)

 The Models were part of the installation that went throughout the whole location, making them part of the whole scenery. No new idea but the realization was put together perfectly

 One of the best newcomer Models in town! Sophie(Motheragency) wearing my favorite Dress

 Diesel would not be Diesel if there wasn't a great Goodiebag ;)
And this time to my big delight it had my favorite diesel perfume in it :) yay! when i was about 18 i wore only that.

Here are a view of my <3 looks/pieces

                                              Orange! so hot right now!
                                         (did i really just write that haha)

loving these pants! wanna have!


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