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München - Win a Mix & Remix CD by DIESEL

I spend last weekend in Munich with some good friends of mine.
Olivia got lucky and has the chance for an internship at Marcel Ostertag. YAY for her!

But what is there to say about Munich other then, its surely not my city. The People there are way to full of themselves and especially fashion. I thought in Vienna it is hard to find people who have good taste... but Munich is some what else hehe.
Olivia took this picture of me which describes best how i felt.

So for that the surprise was grand once i got back to my beloved Vienna! Cause lovely DIESEL sent me a package! YES! THE TIME IS NOW!
This is the first time DOUGH & FRUIT is giving away two CDs!

Combining eleven austrian musicians with eleven austrian DJs - feels like DIESEL.

At this point we have to say that it amazes me over and over how DIESEL supports young artists! More of this should happen with other brands as well!
CHEVROLET - Leistrahl vs. Moogle & Laminat
HOCH VOM DACHSTEIN AN - Neodisco vs. 2HandsUP & DJ Nied
HOITY HOITY - Rainer von Binder&Kriegelstein vs. Etepetete
RAMBLER'S BLUES - The Attention vs. Love+Hate
SEXFRONT - Sawoff Shotgun vs. DJ Dizzy
SINUS - Sofa Surfers vs. Dorian Concept
SUMMER SUN - Effi vs. Contract
STAY OK - Candy Beat Camp vs. Judo Push
STONE FALLING - Usagi vs. Phillipp Wichtl aka. The Freex
WILD TEENS - The Staggers vs. Harry Krishner
WORK THINGS OUT - The Beth Edges vs. Neodisco

Anyhow, if you want to be the lucky winner just comment on this post or send an e-mail to

The winner will be announced on the 11th of November. xx :)


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