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Westwood was always known to shock and startle the world with her appearances in the Open.
We came upon the new campagne images for AW 11/12 you can check them out by clicking here.

Anyhow, we flicked through and had mixed feelings about the whole thing. Westwood shot the campaign in Kenya Africa which is also the production place for the new collection.
One would think:
"Oh! Shooting a campaign in Africa? keeping the costs low on models"

"Nasty campaign! Taking poverty as a background for high class fahsion photography"

Well my dears i thought the same way! But never judge a book by its cover! Go check out the Homepage and see what ms. Westwood has to say to all of this.
Westwood build a campaign with focus on bringing work to Africa. FINALLY! Somebody noticed this! Forget Charity! One has to bring work to those who want to work! Its the only way to keep poverty away!

"Providing work gives people control over their lives, charity doesn´t do that. Charity makes them dependent"

 We leave the rest to you guys, here below are some pictures of the new campaign.


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