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We kept quiet about the Mugler collection under the new creative director Nicola Formichetti for a while because we wanted to see how the woman collection turns out.
Looking at the mens collection was big disappointment for us. We didn't see Mugler in any of the designs. The cuts where boring, the material was kinda nice but also nothing innovative.
You could clearly see that a Stylist did the work of a designer.
The campaign images where amazing! The styling great! The guy with the tats, Rico, was great as well although some one told me he was in prison for a while which makes it evan more interesting ;)

Anyhow the women's collection was nothing like the mens! Loved it! One could see Mugler through the designs. 
We think its important to give the brand a personal touch but still to stay true to the basics that the head designer of the house used back in the days. Anyhow, good work Nicola. We are sure you´ll boost Mugler back to the top!


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