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Diagonale Day 1

The Opening of the annual austrian filmfestival DIAGONALE took place at the Helmut List Halle in Graz.
Sadly i couldn't be there (actually i was to tired). Anyhow.
We started our day with a Film on Ute Bock called "die verrückte Welt der Ute Bock". Mixing fiction with documentary this film shows a view days in the Life of Ute Bock.
If you would look at the movie acting and script wise - you would have to find it not watchable. But in this movie there are different issues that are being discussed. We won't tell you more ;) watch the movie.

We would have loved to stay for the speech and discussions with Ute but we had to run to the next film called ARAB ATTRACTION by Andreas Horvath and Monika Muskala.
To portrait the Islamic culture is very difficult although i liked how Mr. Horvath put the qestions. But this film does not need critics. Its criticizes its self.

discussion with main character and director - Headshots 

Another Film that should be mentioned is HEADSHOTS. At first i thought it will turn into a cliche of the photographer/fashion szene. But it didn't. watch it ;)

Worst movie of yesterday was TODESPOLKA after this movie there is no doubt for me, all Austrian actors are horrible!(except 2 or so)
It was not funny at all. had a good start got really bad in the middle and at the end... well... i left ;)


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