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Talking to a model

I blieve it was the third season of germanys next topmodel where we spotted this beautiful woman.

And we thought to ourselves "now THIS is a model" !
Seems like we had the right eye, cause Vanessa Hegelmaier got really successful after her being kicked out(couldnt believe that) of GNT

A view years later at a Diesel Pressparty we spotet her on the Runway for Diesel Black&Gold. So we had to find her to do an interview.
Looked like headbooker of Place models Hamburg Yannis Nikolaou took the beauty under contract. And here is the Interview. enjoy.

Thank you for taking the time for this Interview. which leads me to my
first question, time, how are you managing being a model. Do you have a lot

of free time?
actually referring to the time issue its a great job. on days you work you mostly dont have too much time to do a lot, but therefore you have all day for everything you want to do if you have a day off. for me i love to do something with my friends or try to do something for my studies if i have the time - so there is not really time to get bored ;) if i travel i love to capture a piece of the culture of the country i m visiting.
Now as most of us know you started out modeling at Germanys next
topmodel, would you say the show helped you in the way of preparing you for the
its hard to say if it prepared me for the business or not but for sure it taught me something for my upcoming life.

When they kicked you out i could not believe it! but then i remembered
that they are looking for a public figure and not a model. anyhow you are
with place models now. how did you get there?
after i decided to quit, i continued school and finished my exams. at the end of the year i signed with placemodels: i just had send a polaroid to them and one other agency in hamburg and literally 20 secconds later my celphone rang and yannis was on the phone. some weeks later i went to visit them - and well thats the whole story ;)
What was your best experience in your career?
i think its the whole experience you make in this job. its great to get to know all these girls and all the people just as the countries and their cultures. apart from that its so exciting to play these different roles :)

luckily none yet. for sure you also get to know the darker parts of this business, but is there anything just beautiful?

New York or L.A.?
unfortunately i have never been to L.A. so far...

Favourite drink?
thats an easy one: chocolate milk
Besides modeling, what do you like doing?
i love to be around friends and my family, travel and listen to music whenever i can :)

In your eyes, is Heidi Klum a model? or more a public figure?(You don't have to answer this question if you dont want to)
To answer that question i would probably need a definition of "model" or "public figure" ;)
Where you ever in Vienna?
actually my cousin studies in vienna - i always wanted to visit her :)
apart from that i have been there for some jobs for half a day up to one and a half- unfortunatly i never saw a lot of the city itself.
How did you like it?
i heard that its a beautiful city - so i would love to come for a longer time! but to go to vienna on vacation i would probably preffer to visit the city in the summer time - i heard, that it was really cold the past days ;)
Thats prob a good idea. it freezin as shit over here now! But Thank you so much for the Interview! we wish you all the best for your future!


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