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Cathy Choi

A while back we contacted Illustrator Cathy Choi. We wanted to do an interview with her. We did. Anyhow we had to wait a while for it cause our supersweet cathy made a special Illustriation just for Dough&Fruit. I really really like.

Here is the Interview and the Image is the very last one on the page. enjoy.

What is cathy choi all about and where you're from?
I'm origianlly from Seoul, Korea but I've spent half of my life in the U.S. Me or my work is all about lines and patterns.

When did you start working as an Illustrator?
I decided to become an illustrator when I was in college but I've be
en drawing and doodling ever since I can remember.

Was it a hard start?
I have to say that I'm still in the process of starting. And it's hard!

Do you sketch on the computer or is it all finished work?
Hand only with a little bit of finish-up in Photoshop. I try to stay away from using computer too much.

Does this allow you to get down more ideas or is it an obstacle?
Definitely allows me to create something organic such as patterns and details. They simply look different when it's done by hand..but I do find some obstacles, such as not being able to "undo" some epic mistakes.

What is the typical process from start to finish?
This is a typical process I use for my typical medium, pen and ink.
Idea sketches-rough draft with pencil-outlining with ink-than det
ails, values, etc.

How many revisions does it typically take for you to get to the finaly result?
I always had problem with this one. I either refuse to revise it (I'm really stubborn) or can't fix it cause the ink's already down. I try to come up with strong, precise idea so I don't have to go through this (not that it's wrong to have revisions). However, I usually add some stuff here and there as I work.

Are there other areas of art you want to branch out to or things you do today that you'd like to evolve?
Pattern design. I love creating patterns and working on extreme details..I've got sick at one point from working on patterns for too long but I still love it. I also wanna learn tattooing. So far I've only inked few bananas and grapef

Do you think creatives should take time out to mentor beginners?
If someone needs them, why not.

Why or why not?
It's always good to have someone to put you in the right direction, give you advice, help, etc. but creatives got their own tastes and ways of doing things, so I think there's a limit. It's best to experience everything- whether they are good or bad.

What do you think of when you think of Vienna?

What is your favourite city?
South America. Buenos Aires to be exact, although I've never been there.

Last but not least, you favourite thing made out of Dough?
Cakes, cookies, pretty much everything that's doughy and sugary.

Thank you so much for your time, we wish you all the best.

(this image Cathy created specially for us)


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